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Your Success Begins NOW.

Poeents (pronounced as POINTS) helps you get from point A to point B and beyond.


We are a group of professionals with business and life experience of 500+ years [& growing] across technology, customer experience, general management and leadership domains.


We believe and acknowledge that both point A & point B can we very different for individuals and businesses based on their point (!) in their journey.


We help customers build & grow, careers, startups and small businesses, through tested processes & SYSTEMs with their own potential for their own SUCCESS.


We achieve this with science, learned methodologies and tailor made ON DEMAND consulting programs to suit customer goals with the resources available to them.


We test, review, DROP [yes] or implement and (eventually) SCALE up ideas.


Our experts have worked around a varied spectrum of dozens of multinational companies and startups. 




It's time we made PROFESSIONAL, INTERNATIONAL and USEFUL CONSULTING, accessible to common PEOPLE. The BIG consulting houses have been delivering sub standard, expensive, information gathering experiments in the name of intelligent insights for 4 decades now.  At POEENTS (points!) we SYSTEMIZE your SUCCESS, with tools which until recently were accessible to privileged  few and fortune 500 companies. We offer 'Consulting as a SERVICE' with complete ACCOUNTABILITY.

We Believe in GOD, for everything else, we need DATA. 

Ready to START your JOURNEY?


CONGRATULATIONS on TAKING ACTION! We will connect soon!!

our email is hello@poeents.com